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Our law firm has recovered millions for California accident victims, including a record $150 million verdict. Serving Los Angeles, Orange County, Inland Empire.

You’re injured in a serious accident in Los Angeles.  Or maybe you’ve lost a loved one because of someone’s negligent actions in Orange County, California. Perhaps you’re dealing with a complex personal injury claim in the Inland Empire. Do you know what to do next?

You know you need help, but knowing where to start or whom you can trust can be overwhelming. Fortunately, you’re not alone. California personal injury attorney Brian Brandt can help you receive the compensation and attention you rightfully deserve.


Braving the accident jungle

Your guide to avoiding predatory insurance companies

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Personalized attention, large case results, tireless work ethic – that’s what sets attorney Brandt apart from other lawyers. He knows how to find important evidence and win tough cases.

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You have questions. We have answers.

At The Law Offices of Brian Brandt, our exceptional legal team has years of experience successfully working with accident victims throughout Southern California. Brian Brandt has been helping clients seek justice for more than 28 years. Whether you’ve been injured in a car accident, truck accident or another type of personal injury, attorney Brian Brandt can develop a customized approach that fits your specific legal needs.

Our law firm won’t underestimate the impact of your accident in Los Angeles or wherever it occurred. Your injury can wreak havoc on your life financially, physically and emotionally. Contact us for a free initial consultation at one of our 8 offices in Southern California, including Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Riverside, San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga, Mission Viejo, Upland and San Clemente. We can also meet with you in your home, your hospital room or at your workplace.

Representing clients throughout Southern California

Accident victims in Southern California choose us to represent them for many different reasons. Attorney Brandt has received numerous awards. He is known for his consistent track record of success handling injury and wrongful death cases for nearly three decades.

But don’t just take our word. Read the testimonials & reviews from individual clients.

He took the time and patience to walk me through the process step by step before each meeting. It was great.

Attorney Brandt values such positive comments from clients. That’s because many of them are his colleagues, friends and neighbors. Born and raised in Southern California, attorney Brandt has built a reputation as a fierce attorney. He’s not afraid to argue a case before a judge. He knows how to get results. And when you meet him, you’ll realize right away he truly cares about helping people solve their legal problems. He’s down-to-earth, approachable. He’s on your side.

Client Testimonials

“Brian and his staff were exceptional with their courtesy and professionalism with a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Not once did I feel out of place, uncomfortable or surprised by anything. All facets of my case were treated with the utmost professionalism and sincerity.”
“Coming into a situation involving a lawyer was scary at first because I wasn’t sure what to expect. Mr. Brandt answered all of my questions at any time. He took the time and patience to walk me through the process step by step before each meeting. It was great!!”
“I was a pedestrian and hit by two automobiles. The driver’s insurance companies said they would not pay; however, Mr. Brian Brandt was the only attorney who could help. I appreciate all he did for me.”

Over 25 Years of Experience & Millions of Dollars Recovered for Clients.

An attorney who will help you fight your legal battle

When you hire Brian Brandt, you know your case will receive the attention it rightfully deserves. From personally getting your collision report for you from the police for free to negotiating directly with insurance companies on your behalf, The Law Offices of Brian Brandt can handle all the details associated with your case so you can focus on what really matters – your recovery.

Your accident is unique. That’s why we take the time to learn about your case. When you meet with us, we will listen and then explain in detail all the legal options available to you. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about whether you can afford exceptional legal advice: There are no costs unless you win.

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We pride ourselves on our personal touch – and we are eager to work with you. Call (866) 408-1221 or (909) 932-1162 and schedule an appointment. You might have a limited amount of time to take legal action under California’s statute of limitations. That’s why we urge you to contact us right away.

Contact our law firm on our website right now, and you can also receive a free copy of Brian Brandt’s powerful book, “Braving the Accident Jungle, Your Guide to Avoiding Predatory Insurance Companies.”

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